Ripple’s Descent into Hell (XRP) continues: a new trial coming soon

6. Januar 2021

Ripple was already having a catastrophic start to the year: SEC lawsuits had tumbled the price of XRP, and prompted some platforms to delist it. And it [...]

What actually is a smart contract?

4. Januar 2021

Smart contracts are an essential cornerstone of decentralized finance (DeFi). But how do smart contracts actually work? The article is taken from the [...]

Crypto Christmas: a Christmas song for crypto lovers

19. Dezember 2020

To celebrate Christmas with all its readers, The Cryptonomist has produced a new crypto-themed Christmas song that will instantly get into your head and [...]

The manhunt for the man who was worth 1 million bitcoins continues – was Satoshi Nakamoto a Londoner?

30. November 2020

Tea time for Bitcoin? More than 12 years after the publication of the original Bitcoin network white paper, the mystery remains complete around its [...]

Det er en Bitcoin skjult et eller annet sted på Internett

30. November 2020

Et personvernfokusert kryptoprosjekt inviterer grådige sleuths til å følge ledetrådene, og finne QR-koder online for å låse opp den skjulte Bitcoin. Kort [...]

Verge, Dash och Status Följ XRP Higher Amid

26. November 2020

Verge, Dash och Status Följ XRP Higher Amid Absurd Crypto Rally Bitcoins hashfrekvens ökar högre trots 2 000 dollar priskorrigering Kryptomarknaden [...]

Bitcoin en Altcoins Corrigerende Winsten Maar Houdende Sleutel Ondersteunt

26. Oktober 2020

De Bitcoin-prijs ligt boven de steunniveaus van USD 13.000 en USD 12.750. Ethereum consolideert winsten boven de USD 400, XRP heeft moeite om tempo te [...]

Bitcoin atinge resistência de $ 11.900

20. Oktober 2020

O BTC está se aproximando da resistência entre $ 11.900 e $ 12.070. O Bitcoin saiu de uma linha de resistência descendente de curto prazo. O preço está [...]

La dominanza del trading Bitcoin colpisce 2017-livelli non più visti da $20.000 BTC

20. Oktober 2020

La posizione dominante del trading Bitcoin ha raggiunto per la prima volta un picco di tre anni da quando BTC ha raggiunto il suo prezzo più alto di tutti [...]

Suchen Sie einen Job in Crypto?

11. Oktober 2020

Suchen Sie einen Job in Crypto? Hier sind Fähigkeiten, die Sie benötigen Sie versuchen also, einen Job bei Crypto zu bekommen. Benötigen Sie einen [...]