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Manchester City next team to introduce fan tokens via Socios

Manchester City next team to introduce fan tokens via Socios The Sky Blues also want to give their fans more direct participation via a crypto token and offer unique prizes. Successful English football club Manchester City has become the next sports club to decide to launch its own crypto token for fans. According to a… Weiterlesen »

Gli investitori istituzionali hanno comprato Bitcoin da detentori a lungo termine alla fine del 2020

Incassando i profitti quando BTC ha raggiunto nuovi massimi alla fine del 2020, i detentori a lungo termine hanno effettivamente venduto le loro posizioni bitcoin agli investitori istituzionali, dice il rapporto OKEx. La narrazione che gli investitori istituzionali hanno spinto il prezzo di BTC nella stratosfera alla fine del 2020 ha ricevuto un’altra conferma da… Weiterlesen »

What actually is a smart contract?

Smart contracts are an essential cornerstone of decentralized finance (DeFi). But how do smart contracts actually work? The article is taken from the BTC-ECHO Academy . There you will find exciting background information as well as interesting introductory courses on Bitcoin, Blockchain and Co. A smart contract is an algorithm that ensures the decentralized execution… Weiterlesen »

Crypto Christmas: a Christmas song for crypto lovers

To celebrate Christmas with all its readers, The Cryptonomist has produced a new crypto-themed Christmas song that will instantly get into your head and serve as background music this holiday season. The title is ‚Crypto Christmas‘, the lyrics are in English and the song is 2 minutes long. The track was produced by The Cryptonomist… Weiterlesen »

The manhunt for the man who was worth 1 million bitcoins continues – was Satoshi Nakamoto a Londoner?

Tea time for Bitcoin? More than 12 years after the publication of the original Bitcoin network white paper, the mystery remains complete around its creator, known only as Satoshi Nakamoto. However, new clues introduce the hypothesis that the inventor of Profit Revolution resided in England. The London track closely scrutinized According to Doncho Karaivanov, who… Weiterlesen »

Det er en Bitcoin skjult et eller annet sted på Internett

Et personvernfokusert kryptoprosjekt inviterer grådige sleuths til å følge ledetrådene, og finne QR-koder online for å låse opp den skjulte Bitcoin. Kort fortalt En ny Bitcoin-skattejakt er avduket av personvernfokusert oppstart Incognito. En hel Bitcoin er blant premiene som tilbys for de som løser ledetrådene og får et snurr på rattet. Premier blir tilgjengelig fra… Weiterlesen »

Verge, Dash och Status Följ XRP Higher Amid

Verge, Dash och Status Följ XRP Higher Amid Absurd Crypto Rally Bitcoins hashfrekvens ökar högre trots 2 000 dollar priskorrigering Kryptomarknaden befinner sig i en fas där altcoins från föregående rally, 2017: s tjurmarknad, helt rippar ansikten. Medan Bitcoin har ökat med 5% under det senaste dygnet, finns det en serie av dessa altcoins som… Weiterlesen »