XRP: Must-Have in Your Crypto Portfolio, Says Ben Armstrong

Von | 7. April 2023


  • Ben Armstrong, a crypto analyst and influencer, recently shared his thoughts on the XRP Army, the Ripple lawsuit, and his crypto portfolio advice.
  • Ben believes that the XRP Army plays an important role in supporting the project and asked for creative individuals to create something unique for Bitboy Crypto set.
  • He is unsure if Gary Gensler would settle the case easily as it might affect his plan to classify all cryptocurrencies as securities. He also suggested adding Cardano (ADA) and XRP to one’s portfolio.

The Role of The XRP Army

In a recent video, well-known crypto analyst and influencer Ben Armstrong shared his thoughts on the XRP Army, the Ripple lawsuit, and his own crypto portfolio advice. Ben emphasized how important he believes it is for the community to support this project – so much so that he loves supporting the XRP Army more than he loves supporting XRP itself. To recognize their contribution, Ben has called on creative individuals to come up with something unique that can be displayed permanently on the Bitboy Crypto set.

The Ripple Lawsuit

Regarding the ongoing Ripple v. SEC lawsuit, Ben thinks that things are getting close to its end and there could be a possible settlement soon. However, he was unsure whether Gary Gensler would easily settle this case or not as it may ruin his plans of classifying every cryptocurrency as a security. Furthermore, Ben thinks that if court decides that Ripple is not a security on secondary market then this could potentially kill SEC’s momentum altogether.

Crypto Portfolio Advice

At last ,Ben gave some advice about building a solid crypto portfolio . According to him having Bitcoin and Ethereum should be essential part of one’s portfolio . He also suggested adding Cardano (ADA) which have great potential . Lastly ,he strongly advised everyone include XRP in their portfolios as it has high upside potential based on favorable outcomes from its legal battle with US Securities Exchange Commission .


Finally ,it is clear from Ben’s point of view that having Bitcoin and Ethereum in your portfolio should always be must but including other altcoins like Cardano ( ADA ) & most importantly ,XRP in your portfolio could give you higher returns due to its strong backing by community & better chance at favorable outcome from its legal battle against US Securities Exchange Commission .